In the world of computers, beauty is only skin-deep. The extreme makeover of the refurbished computer

Nov 19, 2018 | Blog


A thousand computers sit in a warehouse. They have only been used for two years under a leasing scheme and have now been returned to the manufacturer. The business that leased them is rolling out new software that is incompatible with the current OS, so has returned them for an upgrade.

These laptops have a few scratches and the keyboards are a bit shiny. But apart from that, these computers still have plenty of life in them.

Rather than being scrapped they are going to undergo a radical transformation: to make them better than new.

The machines will undergo an extreme makeover using a 7 stage, 55-point checklist: one of the most comprehensive refurbishment process undertaken in the UK.

Every computer is inspected and cleaned, and any obviously damaged components rejected. All residue is removed and ducts and fans are vacuumed. Then the computer undergoes a rigorous inspection of screens, body plastic, rubber quality, keyboard condition and even the latch on the battery. The screen quality is scrutinized for any dead pixels or shadows. The webcam is fully checked.

That was the easy part. Next, there are deep internal checks into the computer’s performance. The CPU (Central Processing Unit), HDD (Hard Disk) and RAM (Memory) are all checked. The optical drive, the ports, keyboard, speakers, mouse pad, Wi-Fi, drivers and battery are all tested.

The physical transformation is almost complete, but now re-configuration will erase the hard drive to BLANCCO standards. This ensures any trace of data or passwords are shredded to government-level standards.

The operating system is newly installed, with new licenses (something only a Microsoft registered refurbisher can do). Any faulty components are upgraded or replaced if required. The lid and keyboard are re-sprayed to new condition.

Now the computer is put under a stress test for several hours to see how it performs above and beyond normal operating capacity. It will be pushed to the point of failure to see how the processor, memory and cooling cope. This is carried out for both replaced or upgraded parts. Everything is re-tested again before a final clean both inside and out with compressed air. New power cables are added, plus new certification labels and new packaging.

These computers now have a completely new lease of life. With proper care, their life could be extended for anything up to 10 years.

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