Custom Build vs Refurbished PC

Nov 13, 2018 | Blog

So, you’ve decided to build your own PC. You are fed up of your old slow PC, even though it’s still relatively young and you think you can do better. You’ve read all the blog posts, you’ve watched all the YouTube videos and you know everything there is to know about cooling systems.


And yes, there are benefits to a custom build. You can build to your exact requirements, get advanced cooling and be able to upgrade when you need to.

But, there are several disadvantages to building your own computer.

Hours of research
It will take weeks or months of research to determine what parts you need, read the reviews, compare the price points – not to mention, checking that they are all going to be compatible. If you get this wrong then you risk having to send parts back, not getting full refunds and losing money.

Components from different sellers
It’s unlikely that one seller is going to have all the parts you need. That means the returns policy and the support service for each component part is going to be inconsistent. And what if the part you need isn’t in stock? You will be left with a pile of components in limbo while you wait for that key piece.

Building without breaking anything
A CPU can cost anything from £50 to £500. If you break it while installing it – it’s all on you. Plus, you are going to need time and space – preferably child and animal free space to build it.

Still don’t want to give up on your dream, well there is a third option?

Try refurbished instead of custom building

Not only is refurbished better than new, we believe it’s better than a custom build.

Every reconditioned laptop or PC that we sell has been completely rebuilt in our factory. It used to be that refurbished really just meant ‘cleaned’ (and if we are honest, for some of our competitors it still doesn’t mean much more than that), but a properly refurbished computer is way more than that.

Our 7 point process includes new hard drives, fresh installation of operating systems, and often upgraded components to bring it up to the latest standards. Unlike a custom build we provide a full warranty and peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, we are there to help.

Not only that, buying refurbished laptops or refurbished computers can save you up to 70% on RRP. At SecondLife IT, you can configure your refurbished PC without doing any of the hard work. Simply pick your make and model and then specify the size of hard drive you require and memory. You get the benefit of a custom spec’d laptop or computer without the hefty price tag.

Worried that it won’t perform? Our customers are always shocked at the great performance, quality refurb and fast boot up of the refurbished computers. 

So take the headache out of getting the computer you want and give us a call. 


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