Black Friday Computer Deals 2018: How to get a bargain

Nov 21, 2018 | Blog

50% Off, 30% Off Everything, Flash Sale! Limited Time Offer! Hurry Limited Stock! Amazing Deals!

Black Friday is coming. And this year, the hype started at the beginning of November.

You’ve just been paid and can grab a bargain! You may have been swept up in the frenzy to bag a bargain in the Black Friday deals, but how do you really know if you are getting a great deal?

Here are our top tips to consider before you splurge on a laptop or PC:

Does it do what you need it to do?

It’s too easy to get sucked into the ‘buy now before stocks run out’ panic. You feel pressured to get a bargain but haven’t had time to fully look at the specs of the PC or laptop that’s on offer. Stop. Before you even step out of the door or open your web browser, write down what it is you want or need. What do you need it to do?

Do you want a laptop that can handle emails, occasional word processing and general surfing? Then you want something with medium RAM speed, and around a 250GB HDD or SSD.

Are you a power user? Do you need a laptop that is portable for work, but powerful enough to handle all office software and some specific work-related software and store a lot of project files? Then you want something with higher RAM and a 1TB SSD.

Some of the latest models may not actually be what you need. Current computers are designed with increasingly powerful processors and complex graphics cards (GPUs) to run the latest 4K and VR gaming. For your everyday computing needs or something for the kids to do their homework on you could get a bargain Desktop PC for around £200 – if you considered refurbished.

Is it really cheaper on Black Friday?

In the past, some of the big retailers have hiked prices just before a sale to make it appear as if the customer is getting a mega-bargain. Take a look at the small print on product details for sale items and you’ll often find a statement like “higher price listed (from 13/07/2018 to 07/08/2018)” which is a matter of three weeks at the so-called regular price. So check websites like Camel, Camel, Camel and Idealo which can give you a graph showing the fluctuations in the price of the item you are interested in. Some of the best deals on PCs and laptops may actually be around all year long. Don’t be caught up in the “fear of missing out”. Take your time and slow-shop.

Is it really a bargain?

Buying new may not always be your best bet, especially if you want to make big savings. Buying refurbished IT can mean bagging substantial savings of up to 70% off RRP!

Don’t be swayed by your prejudices. You wouldn’t think twice about getting a bargain on auction sites for pre-loved clothes, toys or games, so why not computers? Often the performance improvements in the latest models will be in areas that the everyday user just doesn’t need – sound, graphics, etc. Refurbished computers and laptops are fully tested and come with a full warranty.

Check our guide on how to buy refurbished and what to look out for.

Have you checked if it is on sale on a competitor’s website?

Don’t just go with companies you know.

Go direct to sellers and re-sellers and see what they offer. If their price is higher, find out why. Sometimes smaller companies can offer good deals too, and often with added extras like warranty or tech support.

HP refurbished

Is it really that shiny and new?

While the big stores and websites may be offering what seems like a great deal, it may be on an older model. If it is an older model, have a look at the refurbished marketplace.

Refurbished computers and laptops are often restored and tested to work better than their new counterparts. Refurbished IT companies ensure their finished products are completely free of bugs, viruses, oh and even pesky dust mites thanks to a thorough clean up process. Not only that, they are stress-tested to ensure that the final product will operate at peak performance and stand up to whatever a power user or multi-tasker can throw at it. The finished product can often be better than new, with newly replaced components, re-sprayed keyboards and beautifully packaged.

Some of the best deals for Desktop PCs and laptops may actually be available every Friday of the year. So don’t worry that you are missing out if you don’t join the hoards in-store and online this Black Friday. Take your time, shop around and consider all your options and consider refurbished.

Give us a call to find out more about our range of refurb computers, refurb laptops and monitors. 

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