Secure Asset IT Disposal

What is Sustainable IT?

We believe giving a previously used machine a second life prevents the sale of a new machine resulting in a reduction of CO2 emission.

Its our aim to help to keep machines in circulation for as long as possible reducing the pressure on our planet.

To support this cycle, we offer a Buy back solution where will can take your old devices back.

If your old device is too old to be remanufactured for resale we work with a number of charities to help those in need.

Because remanufactured is better than new.

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If you are looking to refresh your IT hardware and wish to check whether your old devices have a value you can request a free no obligation quote.

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Protecting your data

Secure data erasure is our number one priority, once your devices have been audited we put them through a stringent data erasure process, when the process is completed we will provide you with a Certificate of guarantee.

Sustainable IT is the future

Certified Carbon Neutral

Twenty percent of the World’s oxygen is produced by the Amazon rainforest.

We offset CO2 emissions for EVERY device we remanufacture.

The world has a need for laptops and technology.

There is no place in this world for throwing away a functional laptop because it is a few years old and the warranty has expired.

The Lifecycle Process has evolved. Sustainable IT is now, it is our future.

Because remanufactured is better than new.

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Step 1

Secure collection service

Step 2

Full audit on arrival

Step 3


Step 4

Data Erasure

Step 5

Remanufacturing process starts

Step 6

Final report and certification

Step 7

One tree planted for every device we process.