Our Top Tips for Buying Refurbished IT

Nov 12, 2018 | Blog, Featured

Before you start, ask yourself; what do you need your PC or laptop to do? Simply looking for the best price of the newest model may not be the best approach – it really depends on what you need a PC or laptop for.

If you just need a simple bit of kit for surfing, checking email and maybe writing the occasional letter then you’ll find that by considering refurbished you’ll spend a lot less than you thought by searching for a great deal on refurbished models that maybe have less RAM.

If you are a power user set on gaming and downloading lots of images and video, you may want one with a higher spec. Most of our refurbished laptops and PCs are customisable to add more RAM graphics or HDD during the refurbishment process.

Once you know what you want, here’s our guide to making sure you get gold standard refurbished IT.

Check how good the refurbishment process is
You need to ensure that the equipment has been fully refurbished and not just cleaned. A factory reset and a clean may be all some companies offer. Is the company doing a surface clean or a thorough deep clean and respray?  Look for things like stress testing and technical testing. Our refurbishment process tests computers more thoroughly than a new model on the production line.

Check that you are purchasing through a reputable company
Not all computer equipment will be refurbished in the same way or to the same standard, so how can you be sure it is going to work? Well, reliable companies will often be given a seal of approval by industry bodies and the manufacturers. Look out for “approved refurbisher” logos and the word “BLANCCO” – this is a gold standard in terms of data erasure (guaranteeing that all previous data on drives has been wiped). The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre and NATO use it, so that’s pretty much the best certification you can get.

Check if there is a warranty
Most reputable companies will offer a minimum of 6 months. If they really believe and trust their product, they’ll give you the option to purchase more.

Check if there is a returns policy
Be wary of any company or seller not offering a returns policy for their product. Private sellers on auction sites are not obliged to offer a refund.

Check what you are getting with your purchase
Are all accessories included, monitors, power packs, keyboard, mouse? Check what operating system is installed and whether the software is appropriately licensed.

Check if you can see pictures of the machine
Be wary of companies not offering this service. Most will offer to send you actual pictures on request so you can see exactly what you’re buying.

Check customer reviews
Don’t just glance at the number of stars, read what people say about the products and the customer service. Remember that some negative reviews might have nothing to do with the product, but may just be customers complaining about the delivery company or something that had previously been explained in the terms and conditions. Sometimes the most vocal people are the most negative!

As one of the UK’s most comprehensive refurbishers of Laptops and PCs, SecondLife IT are the best choice for refurbished PCs and Laptops, specialising in high-quality units for consumers and resellers. Our 55 point refurbishing checklist returns equipment to like-new quality and is backed up with up to 3 years warranty.

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