Our Refurbishment Process

Our 7 Stage, 55 Point Check is one of the most comprehensive refurbishment processes in the UK. Before we offer units for sale, each one undergoes a full seven-step refurbishment process, with a total of up to 55 different check points, to ensure it meets our highest quality standard. If any unit doesn’t meet our minimum requirements, it doesn’t pass.

Units arrive at our factory and are carefully cleaned

10 points
  1. Visual inspection: any badly damaged units are immediately rejected
  2. Blow out all dust and inspect internal fans and grills
  3. Laptops: clean the screen and remove smears (using a clean cloth and dry cloth to buff)
  4. Laptops: clean under the battery
  5. Laptops: thoroughly clean out under keyboards
  6. Remove all stickers and residue
  7. Check feet and screen rubbers are present
  8. Clean all hinges and hard to reach areas
  9. Professional respray if applicable (three stages)
  10. Second visual inspection

Cosmetic inspection

12 points (including screen check)
  1. BIOS password
  2. Check screen condition for marks and shadows and identify any dead pixels
  3. Check screws
  4. Inspect lid condition
  5. Inspect body plastic
  6. Keyboard condition
  7. Check feet rubbers
  8. Test battery catch
  9. Look at external ports
  10. Webcam / Light present
  11. Identify any asset Tag marks
  12. Confirm manufacturer and model

Then it’s time for grading!

Technical Tests

13 points
  1. Test CPU Speed
  2. Test CPU Model
  3. Test RAM
  4. Test HDD
  5. Check screen size
  6. Check optical drive
  7. Check Input/Output ports
  8. Check keyboard
  9. Check sound
  10. Check mousepad and buttons
  11. Check Wifi
  12. Check Drivers
  13. Check Battery

Make available for configuration

7 points
  1. Replace or BLANCCO erase hard disc
  2. Fresh install of operating system
  3. Components replaced to order
  4. Configuration checked again
  5. Restore/respray (if required) Keyboard
  6. Restore/respray (if required) Lid
  7. Restore/respray (if required) Palm Rest

Stress Test

7 points

We use a program to drive the processor, memory & hard drive at maximum capacity. If there are any issues with the performance of the machine they will show up here.

  1. Retest (or test if replaced/upgraded) CPU
  2. Retest (or test if replaced/upgraded) RAM
  3. Retest (or test if replaced/upgraded) Graphics
  4. Retest (or test if replaced/upgraded) HDD
  5. Retest (or test if replaced/upgraded) Optical Drive
  6. Retest Keyboard
  7. Retest Webcam

Final Clean

3 points
  1. Full clean inside with compressed air
  2. Full clean outside
  3. Marked to show MS license

Pack and Dispatch

2 points
  1. New verified compatible power cables
  2. Carefully packed in purpose-built boxes and dispatched with trusted courier

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