What does refurbished mean?

We take fully working IT (including Laptops, PCs and servers) from some of the biggest computer manufacturers in the world, which have usually been supplied to major corporations on a lease basis. These units have often only been in the field for a year or two under light use and are legitimately obtained under a leasing returns scheme, a little bit like buying a previously leased car.

At our purpose-designed factory, our team of specialists wipe, restore and upgrade Laptops and PCs and then sell them to you as high quality graded, certified refurbished laptops and PCs. Our refurbishment process is one of the most thorough in the UK, and includes a massive 55 point checklist to ensure the final quality is consistently high.

We provide top-quality refurbished laptops, desktops, tablets and servers to businesses across the UK, giving them reliable hardware with great performance and support at a fraction of the price of the cost of the same hardware if bought new.

We know that you might be sceptical about refurbished IT. We understand why, because the industry hasn’t always had a great reputation, and some other sellers don’t really do a great job.

There’s a big difference between refurbished and “used” or “cleaned”. Before we offer units for sale, each one undergoes a full refurbishment process to ensure it is the highest quality. If it doesn’t meet our minimum requirements, it doesn’t pass.

Our certified refurbished laptops offer comparable performance to new retail units, with minimal visible differences, but at a significantly reduced price – up to 70% less than new RRP.

Our refurbished laptops and PCs are often only a generation or two behind the very latest from some of the world’s biggest computer manufacturers, and come with a comprehensive warranty of at least 6 months. We believe that in many situations refurbished IT is a better alternative to new.

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