How to protect your laptop over winter

Nov 30, 2018 | Blog

This winter looks set to be very cold, with blasts from Siberia and temperatures as low as -13C predicted in the new year.

You’ve probably got some firewood in, your winter tyres on and your touchscreen gloves on – ready to face whatever winter can throw at us. But, you probably haven’t thought about taking steps to safeguard your laptop over winter.

You are probably thinking – surely all computers and laptops love the cold? We’ve all been told that to keep our computers performing smoothly we should keep them cool and allow the fans to cool the components. Mark Zuckerberg recently posted an image of the Facebook server-room 70 miles from the Arctic Circle, using giant fans to pull the cold Swedish air in to cool their infrastructure. So why should we be preparing our computers and laptops for the cold?

What can happen if your laptop gets too cold?
Antarctic scientists have, unfortunately, experienced first hand what can happen to a laptop in sub-artic temperatures.

  • The keyboard sensors may not work.
  • The lid may be difficult to open as the hinges may have flexed.
  • Liquid crystal display screens can freeze.
  • The chemicals in batteries freeze.
  • The lubricant in a hard drive slows and locks up.
  • Do not use in freezing conditions.

Keep your laptop protected if outside
Use insulated or padded laptop cases.

Avoid extreme conditions
Changing from sudden warmth to cold will create condensation. This moisture will damage your laptop.

Don’t warm it up using heaters
Any artificial heating of your laptop could cause damage to your components. If your laptop has become very cold, just wait till it has warmed up to room temperature before turning on.

Don’t leave it in the car or outside
If your car has frost on the windscreen, chances are the internal temperature is cold enough to cause damage to your laptop.

Turn your laptop off when commuting
If your computer is in ‘sleep’ mode – the hard drive is still working. Sudden jolts and jerks can cause it to break.

If your computer does freeze, don’t worry, you can get refurbished laptops at up to 70% off RRP without costing the earth.

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