The following article was featured in “The Educator Magazine UK” this month.

“Today’s classroom technology offers experiential immersion and empathetic learning that would make even Bill Gates want to go back to school. The classrooms of tomorrow offer to transport pupils to the moon, submerge them in underwater worlds and enable them to simulate almost anything they can dream of.

The rationale for integrating tech across the curriculum is that it offers augmented and enhanced 360-degree learning – whether that is through VR, AR or holographic technology – all of which improves engagement, aids retention and builds core skills like critical thinking and problem-solving.

AI is also revolutionising the way in which teachers teach, by analysing data better to provide automated reporting tailored learning and development.

Yet although all this offers a shiny future for education, there is a practical problem: how can already stretched school budgets afford even basic equipment to get all their pupils to access to these fantastic resources.

All this tech needs to be supported by great value hardware to power it.

How can schools access the latest technology with limited budgets and resources?

SecondLife-IT takes ex-lease, retired corporate computers from some of the biggest computer manufacturers and refurbishes them to an as-new condition. We are then able to supply schools with laptops, computers and tablets that are a fraction of the cost of new.

We can save you as much as 70% on an equivalent new machine.

Our refurbishment process involves a complete overhaul. Our refurbished laptops and PCs are often only a generation or two behind the very latest from some of the world’s biggest computer manufacturers, plus we provide a fresh Operating System, making our machines able to compete with off the shelf models.

SecondLife-IT act as a strategic partner for schools, by providing them with robust, affordable machines and the latest software that can keep up with the latest ed-tech.

We can fully customise your computers, even copying any software you already own across machines to make it quicker and easier to get you up and running.

Refurbished IT provides a different way in which to manage your budgets. Plus you can take advantage of cosmetically lower graded machines with minor blemishes or scratches to stretch your budget even further or update the internal specifications instead.

To find out more, contact our sales team on 0870 066 9100 to find out how refurbished IT can be better than new for your school.”