Don’t blow your budget on expensive electronics this Christmas? How to make your budget stretch with refurbished IT.

Dec 8, 2018 | Blog

Christmas can  be the most expensive time of the year. On average, UK households spend £473.83 on gifts (1), and once you are a parent, there is an increasing pressure to buy your kids the latest toys and games. Nowadays, a board game and a satsuma won’t cut it – kids want the latest gadgets and electronics, but these don’t come cheap.

And while we may struggle with the concept of how much screen time is right, there is no denying that our kids need to be technologically savvy for their future careers. Even Grandma and Grandpa want in on the act too, with increasing numbers of older consumers preferring the simplicity of a tablet over a bulky PC.

Plus there’s no doubt that we also get some benefit from a handy tablet or iPad that the kids can use to give us a precious half an hour of sitting alone, in a dark room, with a mince pie and some egg-nog (shhh, don’t tell anyone!).

But the average cost of a laptop or iPad will often be too much for most family budgets, especially when there’s more than one child to cater for. A new 2018 Apple iPad retails at around £300 even for an entry level model, while a Microsoft Surface Pro, 7th Gen, Core i5 – could cost you close to  £1,000.

But if you thought electronic gifts were going to be out of the question this year for kids and grandparents alike – then think again.

Buying refurbished can get you what you want for up to 70% off RRP, on iPads, laptops and PCs. That’s almost cheap enough to replace when you go Kirsty Allsop on them by Boxing day!

Refurbished can be better than new – as it’s tested in our workshop even more thoroughly than new units. Refurbished is cheaper than new. Refurbished is also more environmentally friendly than buying new.

How does refurbished work?

We take fully working IT equipment from some of the biggest computer manufacturers in the world, which have usually been supplied to major corporations as part of a leasing agreement. In our specialist workshop we wipe, restore and upgrade them and then sell them to you as high quality graded, certified refurbished laptops, PCs and tablets.

Doesn’t refurbished just mean cleaned?

No. We completely overhaul all of our refurbished computers.  We use a 7 Stage, 55 Point Check to ensure each computer and laptops meet our highest quality standard. This means a full deep clean, cosmetic check and replacement of any parts, technical testing and replacement of any components, re-configuration, OS re-installed and resprayed. Then it is stress tested to ensure it can handle anything even the most super of users can throw at it. And if any unit doesn’t meet our minimum requirements, it doesn’t pass.

Doesn’t refurbished mean old?

Our reconditioned laptops, PCs and tablets are effectively new, and only cosmetic issues can identify it as a refurbished PC. Our refurbished products are often only a generation or two behind the very latest from some of the world’s biggest computer manufacturers

But won’t a new computer/iPad last longer and perform better?

Often the performance improvements in the latest models will be in areas that you and your family won’t need –  like super-fast RAM or graphics. But if you do need those things, we can customise to your requirements.

What can I save?

Our certified refurbished laptops and tablets usually offer comparable performance to new retail units, with minimal visible difference, but at a significantly reduced price – sometimes up to 70% less than RRP.

How do I know I’m buying from a reputable company?

We are certified reselling partners of Microsoft, Dell, and HP. Plus, because we believe in the performance of all our laptops and PCs, they all come with a comprehensive warranty of at least 6 months. Once our customers have used refurbished, they have not looked back – and we believe you will be converted too.

So what should I be looking out for this Christmas?

At SecondLife IT, we have a great selection refurbished of Apple iPads, MacBooks and Microsoft Surface Pro 3 available. All perfect gifts for younger and older users alike, and at prices that will not break your budget. Get in contact to find out about our latest offers.

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