Championing a computing hero. Why we love Lenovo

Dec 3, 2018 | Blog

Do you know what the top selling PC was this year?


This China-based tech firm have nailed it with their range of PCs. With everything from family PCs to high performing but lightweight laptops for business – they have taken 24% of the PC market and emerged as the global top seller.

Reasons we love Lenovo

Maybe it is because Lenovo has always been a bit of an underdog – something that warms the cockles of our British hearts. It’s been around since the 80s – started from a tiny bungalow in Beijing – it was delivered by bicycle to people. The word Lenovo is a combination of ‘Le’ (Legend) and ‘novo’ – Latin for new. From its early beginnings – it bought IBMs computing business in 2005 – it is now the #1 top seller in the PC market.

Reasons you should buy a Lenovo

Our range of refurbished Lenovo laptops and desktops are brilliant, but many people overlook them a little bit. Here’s why we think you should give them a try.

Great Reliability and Build Quality

Lenovo machines are designed to last – many of them undergoing extreme stress tests for dust, heat, cold, water and humidity. Plus we love the little red toggle button – is it fabric, is it rubber? Whatever it is – the little red nose gives these Lenovo laptops their character.

Built for Business

The models can be extremely light and durable. Excellent for commuters.

My own Lenovo took a battering on public transport and was a workhorse on those dark damp days writing emails on a train station bench.

Amazing Design & Attention to Detail

You can tell how much thought goes into every single element of a Lenovo computer, from laptop hinges to PC cases.

Cool machines & brilliant keyboards

Laptops run cooler than most other models, and keyboards are robust, ergonomic and really lovely to type on!

Here are our top picks from Lenovo.

Lenovo M91p Desktop PC

Featuring an Intel Core i5 2400 Processor, this great desktop PC can be custom configured to order, with 4GB to 16GB of memory, and 250GB to 2TB SATA hard drive or 120GB to 480GB SSD hard drive. We’ve put together some sample build options below, but you can choose your own spec just by calling us.


Lenovo Thinkpad T440

The redesigned Lenovo T440 Laptops combine a new ultra-stylish keyboard and high spec 4rd Generation processor, with the high spec upgrade options available for this model you can design a laptop which will withstand the test of time.

Lenovos are legendary in our eyes, which is why we give them a second life. So give us a call to find out what we can offer.


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