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Feb 12, 2019 | FAQ

We are confident in the quality of our refurbished products which is why we offer warranties that are better than new.

So here's the small print, with full details and complete transparency.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

  • We offer 12 months warranty as standard on all our products. This includes laptops, PCs, servers, LCD screens, All-in-One machines, tablets and parts.
  • We can also extend the warranty from 6 months to 3 years on all lines excluding tablets which are restricted to 1 year.
  • Our 12 months Return to Base warranty includes all hardware failures excluding the battery. Unfortunately, all laptop batteries can deteriorate over time, we test all batteries and guarantee a minimum 50% capacity, the majority will hold for much longer and the warranty covers them for the first 90 days.

Warranty: Coverage

The warranty will cover parts and labour for hardware problems that were not caused by the owner, such as a defective keyboard, screen faults and all internal components.

What actions on your part can void your warranty?

Normally something as simple as opening the case and breaking a seal can be enough to void a warranty – even if you just wanted to take a peek inside. We generally allow troubleshooting and upgrading of our machines so accessing the internal parts will not necessarily void our warranty, however, if it’s found that internal parts have been damaged or changed, we do have the right to void the warranty.

What Isn't Covered

  • Damage to or loss of data is not covered by our warranty.  It is the user’s responsibility to protect all data, we cannot be held responsible for loss of data due to a hardware failure. The warranty will state quite clearly that any problems associated with software whether bundled or installed by you will not be covered.
  • You won’t find coverage for theft, accidental damage or breakage caused by the owner. Those would be covered by an insurance policy.

Warranty: International Warranty Coverage

All the above terms are the same if your machine is taken outside the UK, the cost of returning the unit for repair is covered by the customer, we only cover the cost to return the unit to a UK address. If you require the machine to be returned to a location outside the UK I charge will apply.

How to start a new warranty claim

Please contact us with the original invoice number and as much detail as possible about your issue. You will be contacted by a technician to troubleshoot and try to repair the issue. If we feel the unit must come back for repair full returns instructions will be provided. Once the unit is back our usual turn-around time is 48 hours subject to available parts.

Compare our warranty to a new warranty

We believe our warranties are better than new, here is why!

  • New manufacturers void all warranties if you decide to upgrade the internal specification, we allow our customers to upgrade our machines. If it’s found the updated hardware has caused the fault then warranty could be voided or a charge applied.
  • New manufacturers can void the warranty if you are 1 day over your warranty term.

What we offer

  • Fast service
  • Not having to deal with multiple people. When raising a warranty claim you deal with the person you purchased the unit from. If you have any problems you have a familiar voice and communication line for updates.
  • No frustrating wait for a support ticket to be raised.
  • No chasing for constant updates.
  • We have the discretion if you go slightly over the agreed term.
  • We offer fast turn-around times.

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