Where do our laptops come from?

The majority of our laptops are purchased directly from large manufacturers such as Dell, IBM and Fujitsu. These manufacturers operate a leasing scheme to large organisations across the UK and when the lease come to an end the units are returned to the manufacturers where they undergo data wiping and testing. IT leasing operates in a similar way to leasing a car, meaning that hardware is often only in the field for a year or two before it returned in exchange for an upgrade.

Why buy refurbished?

We understand that you might be nervous about buying refurbished computers for the first time – but you shouldn’t be! There has never been a better time for refurbished computer equipment, because the industry is stronger than it has ever been. Even major manufacturers like Apple and Dell have recognised the cost and environmental advantages of refurbished and now offer it as an option for savvy buyers.

What is our process?

Our 7 Stage, 55 Point Check is one of the most comprehensive refurbishment processes in the UK. Before we offer units for sale, each one undergoes a full seven-step refurbishment process, with a total of up to 55 different check points, to ensure it meets our highest quality standard. If any unit doesn’t meet our minimum requirements, it doesn’t pass.